Recovery Partners

Web Link Department of Parks and Wildlife

Western Australia’s Department of Parks and Wildlife has primary responsibility for managing the state’s national parks, marine parks, State forests and other reserves, for conserving and protecting native animals and plants, and for managing many aspects of the access to and use of the state’s wildlife and natural areas.


Web Link Perth Zoo

As a modern zoo, Perth Zoo aims to provide visitors with the opportunity to encounter the natural world and to become involved in conservation action.

Web Link World Wide Fund for Nature Threatened Species Unit

Working with the community to stop plants and animals from disappearing is what the Threatened Species Network (TSN) is all about. TSN is a partnership between WWF-Australia and the Australian Government.

Web Link University of Western Australia Zoology Department

Our School offers exciting coursework and research opportunities in neurobiology, animal industry, ecology, wildlife conservation, evolutionary biology and zoology.

Web Link Curtin University of Technology School of Biomedical Sciences

The School of Biomedical Sciences is recognised for its innovative and leading-edge teaching, research and consultancy profile. It offers the only AIMS-accredited program in Laboratory Medicine and the only tertiary Dental Hygiene and Therapy programs in Western Australia.

Web Link Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is home to over 1,800 animals and almost 300 species of exotic and native mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and fish exhibited in magnificent botanic surroundings now expanded to 8 hectares.

Web Link Zoo Paws Magazine

News Paws includes stories about Perth Zoo’s animals, new exhibits, conservation programs, upcoming events and special offers.

Web Link Sophie Arnall's PhD research at UWA

Sophie Arnall - Faculty of Science, School of Animal Biology, University of Western Australia PhD Thesis. 'Ecoenergetics of the Western Swamp Tortoise: Modelling the Translocation Viability of Australia’s Rarest Reptile' This research aims to address how we can pinpoint the sites where threatened species are most likely to survive under future climates, by modelling the fundamental niche of the Western Swamp Tortoise under multiple climate scenarios.