Tortoise Tales #33 (2022)

The latest news from the Friends group is now available here

Western Swamp Tortoises on the move

In addition to losing much of their habitat on the Swan Coastal Plain, our tortoises face the additional threat of climate change, as the seasonal swamps they inhabit will hold water for increasingly shorter periods of time. Recovery of the western swamp tortoise depends on securing and drought-proofing high-quality habitat in their indigenous range (in […]

Protecting habitat in City of Swan

Protecting habitat in City of Swan The Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise became aware of an Amendment (132) to be presented to the City of Swan late last year concerning Ellen Brook and Twin Swamps Nature Reserves. Our Chairperson, Jan Bant, addressed the Councillors at an Agenda meeting on 10 November 2021, speaking on […]

Good news on National Threatened Species Day

Tortoise Tales # 32 (2021)

In this edition of the newsletter we tell you about the devastating bushfire at Ellen Brook NR in February and how you can help us begin to rectify the damage. We also talk about the role of ‘conservation dogs’. Click here to download a PDF of this newsletter.

Western Swamp Tortoise

Tortoise Tales # 31 (2020)

In this edition of the newsletter we’ll talk about the most recent planting day at Ellen Brook NR, a new children’s book about the tortoise and the latest news from the Education Team. Click here to download a PDF of this newsletter.

Tortoise Tales #30 (2020)

Our tortoise inspires artists Our iconic Western Swamp Tortoise has recently been immortalised in several artworks around Perth. Download our newsletter here. A two-metre-tall, formed mild steel sculpture featuring six Western Swamp Tortoises in cast silicone bronze, all displayed in natural poses, has been completed by Swan Valley artist Peter Graham. It was officially  unveiled […]