Teacher Resources

Teachers, students love learning about the Western Swamp Tortoise. From primary students to secondary and even tertiary students, the Western Swamp Tortoise is a fantastic local reptile for all levels of study and research. We can lend you the following items to enhance your lessons.

Catchment model with lessons and information (fits on a trailer)
Posters and photos to display in your classroom

  • Threatened Species Bingo (Class set, laminated)
  • Wetland Adventure Board Game (Class set, laminated)
  • Tortoise Board game (Class set, laminated)
  • Tortoise Tic-Tac-Toe floor game

And provide these lesson plans with worksheets for use in your class

  • Information Notes- Fact Sheets
  • Fill in the Blanks Work Sheet
  • Comprehension worksheet
  • Threatened Species worksheet
  • Crossword
  • Word sleuth
  • Habitat Package with Worksheet (Plotting points on a grid)
  • Graphing Package with Worksheet
  • Food Webs Package with Worksheet
  • Building a Wetland (Diorama instructions) and activity sheet
  • Colouring in sheets
  • 3D tortoise art activity
  • Suggestions for Extra Activities
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