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Going home... Going home... Drawing by Rachael Wu

Summary of parts one and two: A stranger has taken me from my safe home and family and imprisoned me in a compartment. He left me alone and he gave me food and then he took me to another place. There were crowds of strangers and they stared at me and talked in a strange language. A stranger in uniform took me away and put me in a quiet room.


After a long period of time, I awoke from my slumber. The second I lifted my heavy eyelids, I was amazed by the eye-opening scenery surrounding me! I was laying on a rather large platform, which was half-emerged under the surface of a pool. This pool was surrounded by lush vegetation, big and small. Gleaming beams of sunlight shone on the water. This new place, and the surrounding environment, was spacious and lush. After gazing at this wonderful scenery, I walked to the very edge of the boulder, dipped into perfect water, and swam all the way to the other side of the pool. Now, I could see the environment surrounding the pool and that of my new home. At a distance, I was aware that there were still strangers staring at me and monitoring my movements. They were hanging around inside an area surrounded with tall glass windows, separating my world from their world.

I could see that I was not alone as there were a few others a bit like me. My neighbours had undistinguishable expressions, but all their faces were very different from one another, and each appeared to have come from a different place. Some strangers were coming around and staring at my neighbours and myself as well. With gleeful and amazed faces the strangers skipped from one to another but mostly I ignored them. I was grateful that I wasn't trapped in some smaller enclosed space or laying helplessly in someone's hands. At regular times delicious meals were delivered to me. Now I could swim free, bask in the splendid warm sun and had a large amount of personal space in my new home.

But I was extremely lonely. No one to play around with, no one to snuggle up close with, no one to sleep with, no one who loves me as much as I love them. I was completely all alone except for my far-away neighbours who were too engaged in their own lives to even notice me. I missed my family. I wished they were in this paradise with me. I would rather be with my family, with poor living conditions than be in a great paradise with no-one who could understand me or love me at all. One chilly night, as I saw a full moon rise from the clouds, I remembered my lovely family. I said to myself how I wish I could be together with them again as I dozed off to sleep.

I had seen a few full moons since then, and although I had adjusted to my new home, from time to time, I still missed my family who had comforted me from the moment I saw the light of the world for the first time, and who encouraged me to come out of my shell on many occasions. Now they were probably weeping, worrying and wondering what I was going through. Even though I occasionally wept about it, I was really quite alright. 

I had many strangers, young and old, who visited me. They were always discussing with each other in their strange language which I didn't quite understand. But one thing I noticed when they were talking was that they seemed to keep on calling me by the same name, "Tortoise" or “Western Swamp Tortoise.”

One warm afternoon I felt exhausted because I had been swimming around and splashing in the water like CRAZY! I crawled to a dry surface to re-charge my energy. I was half asleep when I heard a soft and familiar voice. When I opened my heavy eyes, I could see my mother! But not just her, also my whole family as well! I couldn't believe my eyes! I blinked to check if it was real, and I blinked again. IT WAS DEFINITELY REAL! I scrambled down to the water with tears of joy! What a great surprise to be able to see my family and be together with them again!

We celebrated this reunion with a huge feast, delivered by our carers, followed by a long play and swim in the pool. That evening, the whole family gathered together on a rough boulder and witnessed the blazing sun set, happy to be together again.

***THE END***


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