July 2015 release

Today (July 25 2015) we released 20 more western swamp tortoises at a nature reserve in the Swan Valley. These were animals bred at Perth Zoo and many Friends and other interested citizens gathered to 'launch' them into the swamp that will be their home. More pictures available in our Photo Galleries or on our Facebook page.

Tortoise education gets boost in The West Australian

The ED! section of The West Australian is promoting the WST on August 10 as part of its 'Celebrating WA's Wetlands Biodiversity'. In the August 8, 10, 11 and 12 editions of The West, there will be teaching resources supporting the Australian Curriculum in Science, Geography and Media Arts. TO GET YOURS, ORDER BEFORE AUG 3!
Most schools* will automatically receive one class set (35 copies) inside these editions of The West. Please allow one to two days for delivery. *CONTACT MEDIA EDUCATION TO ENQUIRE
Thanks to support from Chevron Australia, schools will not be invoiced. Orders must be placed at least 5 business days prior to delivery date. Although we will continue to take new orders, only the remaining deliveries after your date of order will be included. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate back orders.
These resources support the Chevron Focus Environment photography and caption competition for WA school students.
Order at 9482 3717 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or online

Tortoise Tales 21 (2015)

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Fast cars help slow tortoises!

Our members have diverse interests - not just conservation. Some are sports car enthusiasts too!

Leigh Marian is a FOWST member and was also one of the convenors of the 2014 Triumph Sports Owners Association National Rally, held in Perth. The group is a car club for owners of various Triumph sports cars dating from the 1950s to the ‘80s.

The week-long October rally was based at The Vines, with various social and motoring events.

Two of the local TSOA committee are ‘Friends’; they were given some items to raffle and believed that they might not need all of the funds raised, so decided to donate part of the takings to FOWST. They felt it was appropriate especially because the rally was based in the Swan Valley. Marian used her own funds to add some Edgecombe Bros. wine and Margaret River chocolate tortoises to the prize pool.

As well as donating the money, the organisers mounted a FOWST display on several evenings during the rally, using our brochures, material downloaded from the website and the Friends’ portable poster.

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