All because I crossed the road - Part 2 Featured

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Everybody looks at me Everybody looks at me Rachel Wu


I felt the vehicle finally stop.  Out of my tired eyes, I could see that there was a strange and extraordinarily ginormous building in front of us. I just hoped my captor wouldn't enter the building, because it seemed like something worse could happen in there.  I could see a great multitude of other strangers wandering around and about and the chance of my captor handing me over to another stranger could also increase. Unfortunately, he did exactly what I feared. He proceeded towards the building and excitedly stepped into the crowd taking me with him. My heart turned hollow at that moment.

A stranger came to us to have a look at me, another came, then another. Gradually, many of the people gathered around us. They were discussing to each other in an unusual language that I couldn't understand. Many observed me from head to toe and by then I decided I had enough. I shouted out to all of them in a loud cry, my feelings and wishes, fears and hopes. But all of them ignored me and went on chattering, and gasping, and grinning.  

I wished at that very moment I could be transported back home to bask in the pool with my family, and snuggle close. I really regretted the one action of crossing the road alone, because none of this would've happened. This was what I thought when the crowds started to blind me with the flash from snapping photographs of me and jotting down notes on paper. Eventually, the excitement settled down, and the crowd moved on, all except one stranger dressed in a very neat uniform. He had a quite lengthy conversation with my captor then with a sad but joyful smile, my captor handed me to the stranger in uniform who took me away to a quiet room. I was drowsy after all the drama, so before long I was back to sleeping to cope with this new fate that had befallen me.

(To be continued in Part 3)

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