All because I crossed the road - a story by Rachael Wu, Year 5 (Based on a real event in 1953) Featured

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I loved my home. It had everything I needed. It was just perfect!

My small family and I spent most of the days basking under the warm sun and splashing in a cool, large pool with shallow water that lay next to where we lived. We lived surrounded by lush plants and bushes with the green yard to play at, beside the pool.

For generations, our family has been living in this area. We haven't been travelling far from this place and to me and my family, this is the world which we live in and grow up. The sky is always clear at this part of the world; the grass is green, though during summer, the weather could be a bit too hot and dry for us. That's when normally we would stay inside our home to avoid the heat.

We always inhaled fresh, cool air and I couldn't think of any life or place better, not until the things that happened to me on one fateful day.

One chilly morning, I woke up to find my family had been enjoying the cool breeze in the pool. There is a rather wide road separating where I was and the pool, and I dawdled over to join them and crossed the road.

Suddenly a stranger appeared from around the bushes. He carelessly stepped on the beautiful plants, stomped over and grabbed me! He peered at me with his big-round blue eyes, and grasped my shivering back with his warm, colossal hands. He took me away from the only family that I knew and loved. My family saw what happened, and they gasped. Their faces displayed indescribable horror and fear, while the thought of a sudden separation from my family made me burst into tears. The stranger seemed not to heed my cry or my family's. He took me away from my home. My heart dropped.

After what felt like a very long time, we arrived at a colossal structure which I guessed was his home, and we entered it. I had a moment to survey my strange surroundings before he imprisoned me into a tight and enclosed space. After a while, he came towards me, gazed at me and for a moment he seemed to be thinking. I could see that his eyes glistened. After what seemed like forever, he finally decided to leave me in my compartment. Upon realising that there was no possible way for me to flee, I felt dizzy and passed out.

Hours later, I was awoken by a sudden blast of cool air. I struggled to open my eyes, but I just lay where I was. I was greatly distressed because of two main reasons. Firstly, I really missed my comforting family and secondly, I was starving half to DEATH! I thought I wish I have my freedom, the comfort of my family and some food! With these wishes and thoughts, I dozed off again, but not for long. One of my wishes fell on me, as my captor appeared and gave me some food. I was startled and woke up as an immediate reaction. I was instantly gobbling the food as it felt as if I hadn’t eaten for YEARS. I glanced up at my captor and I noticed that he had an innocent-looking face. His expression seemed to be a pleasant one.

Suddenly, my captor grabbed me and took me out from my enclosed compartment and strolled with me out from his home towards a vehicle and we travelled off. It was warm and cosy inside the vehicle, but I wasn't used to the surprisingly warm and stifling air. I curled up in a ball to avoid this unusual burst of air. The vehicle was travelling very fast, swinging from side to side and that made me giddy. I felt dizzy and passed out yet again. Little did I know that what happened next would turn my life upside down…

(To be continued in Part 2)

Introducing Rachel Wu:  

Rachael is currently a Year 5 student at Santa Maria College. She enjoys writing stories, doodling, swimming and reading. Her aspiration when she grows up is to be an engineer who designs robot to help animals and humans, and to be an accomplished writer and illustrator of books.  Last year (2018) when she was in Year 4 at St Benedict’s School her teacher (Mrs Genelle Allingame) encouraged her to enter the 'Make Your Own Story Book'  competition.  Rachael wrote a story and worked together with Rose Menchetti as the illustrator. They submitted the story book in which they won first prize in the Year 3&4 category.

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