Swan Valley businesses work together to help the Western Swamp Tortoise

Edgecombe Brothers Winery and Café has formed a wonderful partnership with FOWST, which will help us to fund our on-ground activities and educate locals and visitors alike about the plight of this vulnerable little animal. At a cocktail party on September 21st Edgecombe launched its limited release Old Vine Shiraz, from which it has generously agreed to donate $2 from the sale of every bottle of this boutique wine to FOWST. A flyer about FOWST will also be distributed with every bottle.

It was very enjoyable evening and the winery was packed to capacity with a crowd of over 100 people including Jaye Radisich (Member for Swan Hills), Helen Morton (MLC), Charlie Gregorini (Mayor, City of Swan) and Sandra Gregorini , Charlie Zaninno (Swan Valley ward councillor) and Sally Zaninno, Frank Alban (Guildford ward councillor) and Shauna Alban, Dr Gerald Kuchling (UWA biologist) and Guundie Kuchling, and Richard McLellan from the World Wide Fund for Nature. Also present were the Consul General of Japan Mr. Hiroyuki Ariyoshi and the deputy consul Mr Yuchi Inouye and Mrs Noriko Inouye.

Between 7pm and 8.30pm the winery staff—all wearing FOWST t-shirts—served wine and delicious savoury canapés, including Edgecombe’s own fresh asparagus. 

The evening also saw the launch of Edgecombe’s Community Card, a joint venture between the winery, FOWST and Vale. Part proceeds from the sale of the cards, which entitles people to discounts at both the winery and café, are being donated to FOWST. The first 500 cards have been purchased by Multiplex at Vale for distribution to present and future residents at the neighbouring new housing development.

Following a few short speeches by Alfred Edgecombe, Jan Bant (FOWST) and Denika Thompson, the Marketing Manager of Vale, Gerald drew the raffle—for which Edgecombe donated the first prize, bottle number 0001 of the Old Vine Shiraz in a carved Marri presentation box. Guests then got to taste the Old Vine Shiraz, along with more savoury canapés, followed by dessert-style canapés, cheese, fortified wine and coffee (we certainly didn’t go hungry!)

In conjunction with the Department of Environment and Conservation (formerly CALM), FOWST will also set up a permanent display and interpretive centre at the winery to increase public awareness of the tortoise’s plight and promote the conservation of its habitat. Gerald believes the Western Swamp Tortoise is actually a flagship species for the whole swamp ecosystem. By preserving it, he says, we can protect an entire habitat and all the species that live within it.

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