Students learn all about the Western Swamp Tortoise

I was privileged to visit a class of dedicated environmentalists at Ellenbrook Primary School for Threatened Species Day. Together with their teacher, Vicki Brockhoff, they had been learning about the Western Swamp Tortoise, and were delighted to see our photos of the animals and compare them with the web sites they’d been accessing.

The ten minute talk turned into an hour as they asked questions and provided their insights. As residents of the Ellenbrook Catchment, they were keen to know what they could do personally to ensure the safety of the tortoise, and we discussed some of the drainage issues of the area.

They loved the game of Threatened Species Bingo we played, and blitzed the Interactive Crossword, shouting out the answers before the clue was even completed.

It was wonderful to see the passion these young people displayed for such an important subject,and congratulations must go to their teacher for helping them understand the issues facing the Western Swamp Tortoise.

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