Book Reviews

The Friends Group has recently purchased three of Guundie Kuchling’s books about the Western Swamp Tortoise. Yakkinn the Swamp Tortoise: The most dangerous year follows the life of Yakkinn from hatchling to 12 months old. Delightful illustrations and evocative text helps children understand the problems facing Western Swamp Tortoises in their first year of life. This book is recommended by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Yakkinn the Swamp Tortoise Survival follows the exploits of Yakkinn through the swamps, with many close calls, including a brush with a car on the road when she is trying to find a new home.

Luckily, the human intervention is a positive one, and Yakkinn is released back into her swamp to grow into an adult. The story highlights the effects of climate change and development by humans on the habitat of the Western Swamp Tortoise. A short-listed CBCA book.

Turtle Taxi is a story about a long-necked turtle searching for a new home when her pond in the wild dries up. Other thirsty animals hitch a ride on her back. After many adventures, they find a new home in the heart of suburbia in a garden pond. The half-sized, richly illustrated pages in the centre of the book contrast her past wild areas with the developed housing estate which becomes her new home.

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